• What is a mini skip and how does it work?

Skips are most commonly used in industrial waste applications. They are large open-topped waste containers designed for loading onto a specialized truck. Instead of being emptied into a garbage truck on site, as a wheelie bin is, a skip is removed, or replaced by an empty skip, and then dumped at a landfill site.

A mini skip is a small version of the large skip. Mini Skips are delivered on a specially designed trailer which is towed behind a pick-up truck. Due to the small size of the combination, it allows for placement of the skips in confined areas such as basement parking areas, narrow roads and pavements. The skip bin is offloaded from the trailer and left on site to be filled. Once filled, we collect and dispose of the waste legally.

  • How many days can we use the skip?

We hire out our skips for a standard duration of 3 to 5 days consecutively. Should you require the skip for a further few days, we can discuss a ‘grace period’ of up to an additional two days. Following which, we offer an extension period which is backdated and charged at R50.00 per day.

  • What type of waste can be loaded into the skip?

Anything and everything with the exception of any hazardous waste. Asbestos and other hazardous materials must be disposed of properly and not in our skips, contact us for advice.

  • Where are the contents of the skip disposed of?

Your local DSW municipal landfill site.

  • How full do we fill the skip?

With the exception of garden refuse (foliage), level load only. Anything over that will be removed, or alternatively an ‘additional waste’ fee can be negotiated. This is to ensure safe transportation as well as to avoid traffic fines.

  • Skip placement?

In your yard if there is space. Alternatively on your verge.

  • Who fills the skip?

You do. We provide a drop and collect service only.

  • How to make payment?

Our preferred method of payment is cash, however we do allow for EFT payment. FNB geo payments are now also accepted.

  • When to make payment?

Upon collection of the skip.

  • Which areas are covered?

We are based in La Mercy and operate along the north coast from Salt Rock through to Queensburgh and as far inland as Pinetown. If you are unsure about your area, please contact us.

  • What is the cost?

From R650 per load depending on the content and weight
thereof. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will quote accordingly.

  • How big is the skip?

Our skips are mini skips which are roughly 2050mm in top Length X 850 bottom lenth X 1300mm in Width X 1150mm in height. They are equivalent to approximately 2 bakkie loads or 12 DSW wheelie bin loads.

  • Will the skip fit into a garage?

Yes. The skip can be offloaded into your garage provided that we have enough surrounding area to do so.